Tour de Guildford Diocese

As the university year begins I thought it was timely to do a little blog update of my summer, a summer spent researching Guildford Cathedral. Continue reading


Half way through my Malawian Adventure…

Having arrived in Blantyre after a stopover in Nairobi, a delay and a lack of sleep I am greeted at the airport by my driver who will be taking me to my research destinations throughout my stay. When I arrived at my lodge I spent the afternoon meeting other travellers- many of which were also in Malawi carrying out research for their dissertations. The next day I visited the Responsible Safari Company team at their office where myself and Elizabeth- the manager based in Malawi, discussed my itinerary for the following 2 weeks.

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Reflections on the last 2 weeks

After finishing my placement just over a week a go I have had time to reflect on my experience working with StreetInvest in the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed being part of such an exciting organisation; where everyone is very busy, doing their own tasks yet also collaborating with each other on others. After 2 weeks of listening in to the conversations that go on in the office and completing the tasks set for me by different people in the office, I truly believe that StreetInvest’s theory of change and mission statement is one that should be followed by all NGOs: by letting the child chose how they want to move forward in their future with the help of a trustworthy adult.

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Thoughts at the half way mark

After what will probably go down as one of the hottest weeks of 2017, sitting in the StreetInvest office reading endless documents, reports and websites about youth homelessness in the UK has been a test, and an experience combined.

Windows open, sunlight streaming in and the gentle buzz of the fan in attempt to make the heat bearable; my dissertation idea has evolved and developed as I have completed tasks set for me. I quickly realised that every task that I completed set by StreetInvest provided me with information that will be useful for own research. I have learnt so much this week; written pages of notes; and am full of information, case studies and charity names and details which only a week ago I had never of heard of.

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The Conclusion

After 2 weeks with StreetInvest I have explored both how an international organisation operates, both in the office and abroad, and how my research will feed into upcoming projects and my dissertation. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the charity and hope to continue discussing my dissertation and their work with them.

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I have found the Truth

Truth’s two week dissertation-linked placement has been a very dynamic and exciting experience. I have loved getting to know my colleagues and have enjoyed communicating with clients and successfully completing a number of tasks.

I’ve been involved in a range of tasks including writing up respondent profiles from an online research platform, taking photographs in workshops and meetings, writing up notes from meetings (and deciphering client’s handwriting), undergoing desk-research, and even interviewing participants in a research group…

The opportunities that Truth has given me have been almost endless!

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Week 1 at Truth: Gone in a Flash

My plan was to whip up a blog post in the weekend after my first week at Truth. However, time seems to have vanished from my view yet again and here I am on the last Friday of my time here at Truth. Nevertheless, let me give you a run down of last week’s events!

An Invaluable Experience

Working at Truth has provided me with a plethora of new skills, experiences and understandings. It has proven to be an invaluable experience. I’ve been thrown in the deep end and have loved every minute of it. My work this week has included planning research ideas with two of Truth’s clients, playing my part in conducting focus groups, and editing videos.

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The Middle

At the end of my first week at StreetInvest, now is the perfect time to reflect on what I have been doing, where I have come from and where I need to go. This week I have been spending my time sitting at a computer compiling data on homeless policy and frameworks for young people in the UK. This has been really interesting and I have learnt that it’s not surprising so many young people fall through the gaps in regards to both policy and provision. Continue reading

In Search of ‘Truth’: Thoughts before the placement.

I never thought that I would be writing a blog, but once again my adventures in the study of Geography at Royal Holloway have sprung yet another surprise. I hope to use this blog to inform you of my thoughts about my upcoming placement with ‘Truth Consulting’ in July as well as giving updates about my time there and my dissertation. Continue reading

Churches, Cathedrals and Countless Options!

On a cold April afternoon, still reeling from the excitement of the second year field trip to Malawi, I officially began my dissertation research.

I visited Guildford Cathedral to meet with the Dean of the Cathedral (Dianna Gwilliams) and Director of Operations (Matt O’Grady) to discuss my dissertation. After a fascinating hour long meeting I had more options than my 10,000 word limit could cater for! Moreover the biggest challenge so far has been deciding on the focus.After much deliberation and assistance from my supervisor, a title was created:

“The ‘Mother Church’ and its parishes: relationships between the central Cathedral at Guildford and local congregations in an Anglican diocese of diverse worship.”

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