Family Open Day at The Body Shop: A different side of the business

This is how my day started: catching the 5.30am train and the moon was still out!

Not the best start to the day!

Fortunately I made the journey without falling asleep and missing any of my stops! I arrived at Littlehampton at 10am, in time to meet the Community Fairtrade Team and briefly discuss my work with them before we had to prepare for the annual family open day.

I was told numerous times that this was not a normal day, but it was so much fun! From midday we had numerous activities for families and friends to partake in, including matching the community fairtrade supplier to the country they were from, this was about fund raising but also raising awareness about the ethical trading programme of The Body Shop:

The activity I helped run

I helped out with this for most of the afternoon as well as investigating other parts of the offices and talking to some of the people who worked there.

It was a great relaxing start to the few days I’m here for, and all the money we raised goes to The Body Shop Foundation. But tomorrow the real work starts with meeting more people officially and discussing ways to help me with my research.

Stay tuned for updates over the next few days!


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