The Truth about brands

One of the reasons I study geography is because everything about it is so contemporary. It continues to evolve just as humanity carries on progressing. If you’d have told me even 5 years ago that I’d be writing a dissertation on shopping and brand identity, I wouldn’t believe you. It may not sound like geography, but as I learnt again and again throughout my first year of university, geography is everything.

So this brings me to my dissertation topic. I’m going to be looking at how brands are created in store and on the internet. Unlike the other research projects I’ve conducted as a geography student, the ideas for my dissertation appeared naturally. In my very first lecture at Royal Holloway, the concept of the death of geography was a big part of the discussion. Ideas such as the geographer David Harvey’s ‘time-space compression’ gave the impression that places and locations were becoming less important as technology, such as the internet, became more developed. To spoil the end of the lecture for you, the death of geography is not upon us, but the idea of the internet and other technologies replacing physical place always stuck with me.

When the placement at Truth presented itself, my plan for my dissertation seemed to fall perfectly into place. Before I had the chance to do this placement, the idea of tying in brands and retail hadn’t occurred to me. We encounter brands every single day in our lives, whether we notice or not. It could be branded shoes, a phone or a tin of baked beans; the brands are always there!

Shoes Beans Phone

You can’t go anywhere without running into brands!

Next week, when I begin working alongside Truth, I’m hoping their expertise will aid me in conducting the research for my dissertation topic. As marketing strategists, their knowledge will help push my dissertation in the right direction.

Stay updated on my time at Truth by looking for the #rhulworkdiss on Twitter.


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