An end and a beginning…

I have now reached the end of my time at StreetInvest, and honestly, I was very sad not to be returning there this morning. The staff and volunteers there were so welcoming to me, and I have learnt so much, about StreetInvest and their work, about the complexities of supporting street children and about what it’s like to work in an NGO.

StreetInvest have put me in touch with some brilliant people and organisations who are all working towards supporting street children, and thanks to that, I’ve organised several interviews and have sent questionnaires to others, both in this country and worldwide, which means that the dissertation is definitely underway! I’ll be asking them about how their organisations seek to support street girls and whether those street girls are included in other women’s movements internationally.

In modern literature, street girls are seriously underrepresented. This is partly because they are more difficult to see visibly on the streets and because they are often more difficult to support. I know that my undergrad dissertation isn’t exactly ground breaking research, but it feels amazing to be adding to the discussion surrounding these girls.

But this isn’t the end. In fact, this is only the start! It’s the start of my dissertation really getting going, as I start to analyse the information I receive. And then, on a personal level, the last two weeks has completely confirmed for me that I would like to work in the NGO sector, and that my passion lies with helping the world’s disadvantaged children. I really hope that I will be able to keep in touch with StreetInvest and everyone who works there, as it’s an inspirational place!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, and Nat’s blog about his placement at StreetInvest (which I hope you have!), I cannot encourage you enough to check out the website or get in touch with StreetInvest at The staff and volunteers will be very happy to give you info on how to help the charity to help street children across the globe.

Thank you StreetInvest and thank you for reading!


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