2014 Summer Checklist

-2 weeks placement at Truth Marketing

– Plenty of dissertation reading

– Several hours of ground work for my dissertation (Still can’t believe I’m saying that word)

Check, check and CHECK.

As you can see this summer has been a pretty hectic one so apologies for such a massive gap between this and my last post! Since then I enjoyed an interesting and insightful stay at Truth, where I was taught how the company operates as well as how it plans and produces its excellent research for clients. During my placement I worked on several projects that gave me a taste of what a career in marketing is all about. A highlight for me was when I helped to conduct some interviews for one of Truth’s clients. As someone who can be a little on the shy side, finding the confidence to do interviews with people I have just walked up to was a significant landmark in the placement experience. Alas my time at Truth came to an end. Unfortunately I can’t share with you much of the detail for the projects I worked on, because one of the big buzz words in marketing and consultancy is client confidentiality, so shh! After finishing two weeks of 6 am wakeup calls, 9 til 5 working days and packed out rush hour trains, it was time for a nice break. Or not! Since then I have also been working steadily through the mountain of reading and research associated with my dissertation and I think it’s going pretty well. I have collected a lot of data through ethnographies (or to a non-researcher, observations of your surroundings) as well as interviews and small focus groups. I’ve got to say possibly the hardest thing about my research so far has been convincing myself that I really don’t need that new pair of shoes I spotted in the beautifully displayed shop window … in amongst the blooming flowers and bright, colourful décor that remind us all that summer’s here!

In all seriousness though, this research has made me much more aware of how subtly an environment can influence your buying habits. I’m now at the point of taking some of the helpful analysis hints I took from my time at Truth, as well as everything I’ve learnt over the past few years at uni, to help understand and analyse my data. I’m already seeing some interesting patterns in my results but that is best kept for another day!

If you are just dying to learn a little more on the fascinating link between culture and marketing as well as many other marketing aspects, why not take a look at the Truth blog (and definitely make sure you check out the work of Intern Danielle Finch on using street art as a form of marketing! I hear it’s a pretty good read! ) –

Keep your eyes peeled for my third and final blog post where I will be saying some more about what I found from my dissertation research! Speak to you soon!


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