My Placement with StreetInvest

So, it’s not long now until I begin my placement at StreetInvest and with Monday fast approaching the excitement is building. Ever since the day I found out that I had got the placement I have been really looking forward to working alongside the organisation as well as being able to carry out my own research. There has been a lot of thinking and planning and at times it got quite busy but I’m sure all the hard work and effort will be worth it. I can’t quite believe I’m about to begin my dissertation research when it feels like only yesterday I was starting first year! Nevertheless I feel prepared and eager to start.

Who are StreetInvest?

For those of you wondering who StreetInvest are and what they do I have written a brief explanation below (although it is hard to include everything!). StreetInvest are an organisation who work with children living on the streets and recognise that street children exist everywhere. They don’t view these children as a problem but instead as individuals who showcase a range of identities which the street workers themselves get to know. The street worker is a responsible and trustworthy adult and the first point of contact to a safer life. They aim to build a relationship of trust with the child.

For more information you can visit the StreetInvest website at or watch the video below:

What am I doing?

So what am I going to be doing? Well, I want to look further into the sustainability of education programmes for street children with a more particular focus on street girls. I am also interested to find out the influence that these education programmes have on street children’s lives and whether they play a role that sees children no longer living on the street. During my placement with StreetInvest I will be spending around half my time carrying out my own research into these topics through data collection methods such as semi-structured interviews and the other half will be spent gaining a deeper insight into and a better understanding of the work involved in the day to day running of an organisation like StreetInvest.

Thank you for spending the time to read this blog and I shall keep you updated on my progress 🙂

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About eleanorlball

Did you know that street girls have only been acknowledged for the past two years? In many places around the world children have access to a good education on a daily basis but for some this luxury is not available. This is one of the reasons why there are many education programmes set up by NGOs around the world. With the help of StreetInvest I will explore the sustainability of these programmes specifically for street girls.

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