Halfway Point at StreetInvest!

I have just finished my first week with StreetInvest and I’ve really enjoyed it. Lucy and myself have settled in well and been able to get involved with a range of different activities. I definitely feel I have a much better understanding of not only the organisation but how things are run as well as their beliefs and values. This insight was helped by being able to attend a meeting on Thursday based on PR and branding. We started off by talking about how StreetInvest currently make a difference to street children as well as what makes them different through the ways in which they deliver this message. This was followed by some SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and finished off with thinking about StreetInvest as a brand. In groups we had to come up with a two word summation of StreetInvest’s work and a task which sounds quite straight forward actually proved quite difficult to do with just two words!

Alongside this we have been able to work together to create profiles on some of the countries where StreetInvest run projects. As part of their annual report it is useful to have a profile of all their key partners and projects for the marketing and fundraising departments so we have been working on collecting information for the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. Once completed this information will be put into a brochure as well as used for project pages on the website.

Dissertation Work

In terms of my dissertation I feel that this is constantly changing and evolving. Having spent a week here learning and being able to speak to workers and members of StreetInvest I have a clearer idea of what my research questions will be and what I need to do. I started out with some quite broad topic ideas and realised quite quickly that I would never manage to answer them all in enough detail with only 10,000 words! No doubt these ideas will continue to develop as my time here continues but I am excited to see what results I end up with.

I look forward to the coming week where I will hopefully get more involved with tasks as well as carry out a couple of interviews with people from other organisations to hear and learn more about their ideas and the different types of education programmes that they are involved in.

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About eleanorlball

Did you know that street girls have only been acknowledged for the past two years? In many places around the world children have access to a good education on a daily basis but for some this luxury is not available. This is one of the reasons why there are many education programmes set up by NGOs around the world. With the help of StreetInvest I will explore the sustainability of these programmes specifically for street girls.

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