My Placement Linked Dissertation At Truth: An Integrated Customer Experience

As the summer draws to a close, preparations for my dissertation are entirely underway as well as my growing excitement to begin the placement at Truth.

Truth is a strategic insight consultancy and marketing agency that successfully illustrates and researches the link between cultures and marketing. The diverse nature of Truth promotes the marketing of consumers and clients to strive to ‘change things for the better’ through creative research practices.


The experience of working within an agency of particular interest to me is something I am incredibly excited for and will allow me to understand the dynamics of successfully conducting research within a professional environment.


The area of study for my dissertation will focus on my interest in customer journey mapping, as I take forward the geographical literature of Ian Cook’s “Follow the Thing”. Customer journey mapping describes the experience and provoked emotional responses a customer has with particular organisations and brands from many different perspectives and time scales. Whilst “Follow the Thing” and the work of Ian Cook depicts a (dis)connection of producers and consumers and subsequently provides a touchstone to the interests of my dissertation within geographical literature. I will attempt to complicate and build upon this literature by centralising a focus on customer journey mapping using Burberry as my central case study.

The interior of Burberry's flagship store at 121 Regent Street, London

The interior of Burberry’s flagship store                                                                            121 Regent Street, London

“Burberry are no longer just a fashion company… today they are a thriving media enterprise” (Amed, 2011). It is for this reason I will attempt to conceptualise and analyse the history of this prestigious brand in addition to concentrating my focus on the integration of the digital and physical platforms present within the branding of Burberry.


I am very much looking forward to the 7th September to start my placement at Truth’s offices in Farringdon, London and look forward to updating you on my progress!!


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