Anticipating the future: StreetInvest placement

When sitting in the house on a rainy day in June it comes to mind that in less than 1 month I will be undertaking my placement with StreetInvest. The excitement for using geography in real life work is what I am most looking forward to during this experience.

I had known that I wanted to do a work placement this summer to gain valuable experience, so applied for the microplacement scheme that Royal Holloway were offering. After going through quite a harsh process I was offered a place on the scheme. However around the same time, the option for this dissertation based placement with StreetInvest it became clear to me that this is the sort of placement that I wanted to undertake! So I applied for both schemes, and after being accepted onto both I decided to choose the one with StreetInvest. This felt amazing; having the choice was a real confidence booster, and has meant that I am thrilled to be able to work with the organisation.

A few weeks ago I went along to meet the organisation. The meeting was inspirational: the people were full of ideas, taking my basic ideas for my dissertation and making them into something incredible. They were so enthusiastic about the research they carry out and so they should be.. they are making a huge impact on the lives of street children across the world. They were friendly and welcoming and I can’t wait to work with people who are this in love with what they do.

In the next few weeks I know my nerves will build but this opportunity be so valuable and open new doors into a potential career in this sector. I hope that this experience will be everything will live up to my expectations – can’t wait to get started!


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