Preparing for my Travels

The day is drawing closer to which I embark on my trip to Malawi. This will be my first ever time travelling abroad completely by myself and it’s starting to feel like a very daunting (but exciting) adventure.

When I arrive in Blantyre I will be hosted by the Responsible Safari Company, a tour operator who aims to promote sustainable and educational travel. They run tours for school and university field trips, charity work, adventures and challenges as well as people travelling alone to explore some of the key issues communities in Africa are facing. Although I have not met the team at the RSC yet, throughout planning the trip I have had regular contact and they have been extremely helpful with their passion for their work showing through.


✔ Visa sorted

✔ Malaria tablets purchased

✔ Travel Vaccines (Managed to not pass out at this time unlike unfortunate past experiences with vaccinations)

✔ Research and planning for my dissertation

All that’s left to do is pack my things and make my way to Blantyre from Heathrow ready to begin my journey with the Responsible Safari Company, but also ready to carry out research for my dissertation I shall be writing up when I’m back.

What will I be doing?

I will be meeting the RSC team, learning more about the work they do in Blantyre and around Malawi with travellers from all over the world. For my own research, I will be visiting small holding tea estates in Blantyre and Mulanje with the intention to investigate how the rise of consumers purchasing Fair Trade products has impacted small holding tea estates and how Fair Trade tea has brought consumers and producers closer together in terms of consumer’s knowledge of Fair Trade tea compared to the realities of tea production. The outcomes I hope to get from my time in Malawi, is to understand more about how ‘Fair’ tea production really is on small holding tea estates and whether it is helping to tackle issues communities face in Blantyre and Mulanje.

Overall I am really looking forward to understanding more about how, Fairtrade consumerism benefits producers, workers and communities associated with Fair Trade on small holding estates. I am also excited to meet the Responsible Safari Company team in Malawi and how their work engages many different people from around the world bringing different cultures and people of all ages together.

Responsible Safari Co - Black



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