Week 1 at Truth: Gone in a Flash

My plan was to whip up a blog post in the weekend after my first week at Truth. However, time seems to have vanished from my view yet again and here I am on the last Friday of my time here at Truth. Nevertheless, let me give you a run down of last week’s events!

An Invaluable Experience

Working at Truth has provided me with a plethora of new skills, experiences and understandings. It has proven to be an invaluable experience. I’ve been thrown in the deep end and have loved every minute of it. My work this week has included planning research ideas with two of Truth’s clients, playing my part in conducting focus groups, and editing videos.

My supervisor provided me with a jazzy notebook on my first day and has since been lining up sessions for me to get to know everyone here at Truth. Each person I’ve spoken to has been helpful and willing to tell me about their work, ranging from in-depth qualitative research, to statistical analysis and from quantitative research to illustrative work on customer journeys (see example below!).

Major Phone Retailer

I would love to go into greater detail about each project I have worked on but unfortunately my confidentiality agreement won’t allow me to do so.

However, I can say that I have learned new understandings about eye tracking (from an industry professional), Truth’s Cosmologies and bridges between culture and commerce that will supplement my dissertation research. I hope to use my new perspectives and understandings to conduct a high-level of qualitative research and to develop a top-class Dissertation!

Working at Truth has also re-ignited my desire to master digital illustration and design. Taking inspiration from Tyler, the junior graphic designer at Truth, I plan on teaching myself a greater range of skills on Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. This will allow me to combine design, marketing and geography in the future!


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