I have found the Truth

Truth’s two week dissertation-linked placement has been a very dynamic and exciting experience. I have loved getting to know my colleagues and have enjoyed communicating with clients and successfully completing a number of tasks.

I’ve been involved in a range of tasks including writing up respondent profiles from an online research platform, taking photographs in workshops and meetings, writing up notes from meetings (and deciphering client’s handwriting), undergoing desk-research, and even interviewing participants in a research group…

The opportunities that Truth has given me have been almost endless!


Experiencing the mid-ground between culture and commerce

Completing a placement at Truth has made me aware that studying cultural geography (my favourite area of the mammoth subject that is geography) can be very useful for going into the world of commerce. Truth combines a focus on commerce with an understanding and a passion for culture. During my time at Truth I have seen first hand the usefulness of cultural theories like Actor-Network Theory and Semiotics. These understandings can be used to understand people better, what they want and their needs can be supplied.

Working with Truth has helped me too see how beneficial it can be for large businesses to focus on the perspective of the consumer and to understand how consumer’s think.

The Dissertation

Throughout the two weeks at Truth I tried to ask myself how what I was learning could link to Outdoor Advertising in the London Underground. The perspectives and insights that I have gained from Truth encouraged me to consider new methods of research and new approaches to obtaining relevant material. I have now decided that I will use a combination of auto-ethnographic video, field notes and focus groups. These methods will allow me to use the skills I have learnt and will help me to understand the perspectives of others as well as my own angle of view.


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