The Conclusion

After 2 weeks with StreetInvest I have explored both how an international organisation operates, both in the office and abroad, and how my research will feed into upcoming projects and my dissertation. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the charity and hope to continue discussing my dissertation and their work with them.

During second week with StreetInvest I concentrated on quantitative data research and my dissertation. I was asked to find official and unofficial headcounts of street children in various countries and cities in which StreetInvest operate. I found this more challenging than the qualitative-style policy data I had to collate the week before. Statistics are not my forte and finding the most up-to-date and relevant data on an often invisible group was challenging at times. However, it gave me an insight into what some of the other members of the team do and taught me some new skills. Further, the challenging nature of the work demonstrated to me one of StreetInvest’s key issues- that street children are often unseen and ignored by the government and public.

After I had completed work given to me by StreetInvest I concentrated on my own project. My dissertation moved slowly throughout the second week as I couldn’t interview any young LGBTQ+ people and sadly there was not enough time to formally interview any of the members of staff. Nevertheless, I did lots of reading and collected notes from informal chats that I had with staff members throughout the week. Hopefully, I can go back soon and have a formal interview with some members of staff. However, I haven’t yet decided if I will include aspects of NGO policy and practice into my dissertation. I’ll have to see how it progresses!

Over, I am so grateful for my time at StreetInvest. The staff made me feel so welcome and always made sure I was happy, full of coffee and was kept busy. I have also developed a new appreciation for the NGO’s amazing work which provides so much unique and specialised support for even the most vulnerable of children.

Thank you!


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