Thoughts at the half way mark

After what will probably go down as one of the hottest weeks of 2017, sitting in the StreetInvest office reading endless documents, reports and websites about youth homelessness in the UK has been a test, and an experience combined.

Windows open, sunlight streaming in and the gentle buzz of the fan in attempt to make the heat bearable; my dissertation idea has evolved and developed as I have completed tasks set for me. I quickly realised that every task that I completed set by StreetInvest provided me with information that will be useful for own research. I have learnt so much this week; written pages of notes; and am full of information, case studies and charity names and details which only a week ago I had never of heard of.

I spent my first few days researching into what the UK government’s policy is in regards to children. StreetInvest are yet to work in the UK and therefore need to understand what policy exists before they decide where their approach will fit in the current situation. Following this I made a huge bibliography of all the hard copies of reports and interviews that they had in numerous files about street children in the UK. This was hugely beneficial to both me and the charity as it allows them to know what they have, and allowed me to skim through reports and put some aside for me to read at a later date.

This past week has taught me a lot about how a NGO works: the huge amount of research, frequent meetings and skype calls to people across the world in order to implement their vision about providing support to street children. After attending a team meeting and feeling completely out of my depth, I began to admire the passion and motivation of the staff here to achieve their goal of providing every street connected child with a trustworthy adult in order to support them in their futures.

With interviews lined up, and lots of case studies collected my dissertation research is fully underway, and I am thoroughly enjoying what I am doing. After a slight wobble towards the end of last week about my chosen dissertation topic, I am now certain I have chosen the right topic for me.


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