Reflections on the last 2 weeks

After finishing my placement just over a week a go I have had time to reflect on my experience working with StreetInvest in the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed being part of such an exciting organisation; where everyone is very busy, doing their own tasks yet also collaborating with each other on others. After 2 weeks of listening in to the conversations that go on in the office and completing the tasks set for me by different people in the office, I truly believe that StreetInvest’s theory of change and mission statement is one that should be followed by all NGOs: by letting the child chose how they want to move forward in their future with the help of a trustworthy adult.

My second week flew by, as I had settled in to the flow of the office, learning so many skills; for example, how to read and make notes on an 189 page report, whilst a conference call, 2 conversations and 3 other people working at computers, was all taking place in one room! definitely a skill that will come in handy in the future. I also managed to do two interviews for my research, which was great. I did these with an organisation called Achieving for Children which is based in Richmond and Kingston; StreetInvest were able to link me up with some contacts there which has been amazing, as it has given me a real boost with my dissertation research as I am so interested in the topic of youth homelessness which I have chosen.

Working for StreetInvest has taught me a lot of things. Although I have enjoyed it, I have decided that for a career I need to be doing a job that is more hands on and less researched based. I am such a social person, and although I have learnt how to work in the office environment, I have decided that I need a job that works on the front line with people on a day to day basis. I would still love to work for an NGO or organisation similar to StreetInvest, just with the implementation of projects rather than the planning and organisation of them.

I would like to thank StreetInvest for the last few weeks. I have really loved working for them and will continue to follow their progress in the future!


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